More Together

05 . 11 . 2018 by admin

More Together

Introducing our fitness support team – LATUS

We are the Latus Training team and we’re here to help you complete the More Together challenges in style.

We are a health and fitness company designed to help people perform at their best in everything they do. Best known for our work with local professional sports stars, such as Tommy Coyle and Luke Campbell, we run state of the arte gym on Chanterlands Avenue in Hull, providing memberships, fitness classes and personal training.

The first time we heard about the More Together idea we were really excited about lots of people from Hull all teaming up to get fit, do some awesome challenges and raise a load of money for local charities. Straight away we signed up a Latus Team with all of our coaches and are giving our gym members the opportunity to join the team in the new year. We also thought what else can we do to help this drive to raise as much as possible for the chosen charities. So we offered our support to the More Together organising committee and a partnership was formed.

We are really excited to be helping everyone involved in More Together in the build up to the three challenges next year. Sometimes we all struggle for the motivation to get to the gym or out for a jog so we hope that the More Together challenges are going to help motivate us all to get healthier and fitter.

To help we are going to hold a FREE training session once a week at the LATUS gym in the 12 week build up for everyone who signs up to be part of More Together. These sessions will not only be a chance to work on your fitness, but will also give you the chance to get to know other people taking part and also help raise even more awareness of the money raising efforts in the wider community.

We are also going to offer discount memberships at the gym to anyone who signs up to More Together and we will be donating the proceeds from any new More Together members to the charity pot too.

Finally, we are going to try to help you in your preparation for the More Together challenges by providing workouts and nutrition tips on here including exercise demo videos and recipe ideas etc.

So keep checking in to learn when the More Together training sessions are starting and keep on track with our workouts and nutrition tips.