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What is it?

LATUS Bros is simple, we’re 3 brothers, work colleagues and best friends ////////// who are committed to making a difference by inspiring others to make a change.

Who are we?

For those of you who don’t know us, we’re Will, Jack and Sam Latus. Our whole lives have revolved around sport, fitness and the outdoors. Will (eldest 30 yrs old) an ex Royal Marines Captain, and Jack (middle 28 yrs old) and Sam (youngest 27 yrs old) both played professional rugby league.

We now all work together running our businesses, which include a gym (LATUS Training), sports centre, supplement company (Whey Box) and occupational health & wellbeing company (LATUS Health).

Latus bros
Left to right: Sam, Jack and Will


There are a few elements to why we decided to set up LATUS Bros and it’s something that grew from discussions.

The main underlying reason why we set it up was because we realised we could do so much more! Being involved in the businesses we are, we see first hand the positive impact health and fitness has on so many people’s lives.

Training has started


Whether it’s as a stress relief, losing weight, gaining confidence, having a purpose, prolonging their life, improving their quality of life, and many other reasons, health and fitness really is powerful.

However, not everyone is fortunate to be able to go to the gym, go for a jog or swim, or even go for a walk.

We want to give people the opportunity and motivation to come get involved and make a change and a start towards a healthier happier lifestyle, and in the doing so raise support, awareness and money for those not in the fortunate position to be able to partake.

The benefits are two-fold, help others and benefit yourself!

The challenges we undergo, we welcome anyone to come be involved. Whether that’s partaking in the challenge with us, training with us, doing the last mile of a run, or just supporting us, we want as many people involved as possible.

We’ll be putting out more information about the challenges we have planned, but for now this is just the start and we really hope we can count on your support!

Will, Jack & Sam