The staff are incredibly friendly and make sure they learn every members name. They are knowledgeable and their enthusiasm is infectious. Unlike commercial gyms, I do not feel intimidated here and I actually enjoy going. The group PT classes are amazing!

Katheryn R

I’ve never attended a gym that I have looked forward to going- that’s saying a lot since I’m up at 5.40 to get to the AM class. The coaches are fab and push me 10x harder than I ever would with willpower alone. After only a short time I’m starting to see changes in my body and I feel so much better within myself. I’ve literally told everyone to join

Anna H

Very similar coming from CrossFit but a lot more accessible and less intimidating for everyone. Coaches are great, and classes are always fun.

Adam F

Wasn't sure at first what I'd done but from the first step in every body has been great so friendly it's unbelievable. Only really stuck to classes that would suit me but will try others as I get fitter and stronger. The coaches are great so relaxed and down to earth , done a few gyms in the city Latus for me standout from the rest.

Chris J

Greatly enjoyed the trial. Everyone at every level of training supported. Excellent facilities, quality equipment kept in impeccable order. Friendly approachable staff with a wealth of training knowledge.

Jon L

I can highly recommend Latus Training! The staff are great along with the facilities. The classes are brilliant they help you get the best out of training. I can't thank the staff enough for how welcoming and helpful they have been during my trial period. I am looking forward to continuing my training here at Latus!


Latus is exactly the gym we hoped it would be. We didn't want all the fake tan pretty boys and judgy stares. We wanted a gym where we could get our heads down and train. And feel supported. And that is exactly the environment you guys have created. It's a "proper" gym, not a fashion show. Just keep doing what you are doing, because your enthusiasm and love for what you are doing rubs off on everyone who walks through those doors.

Simon P

Love this gym. Friendly people, great atmosphere, a real sense of community. Thanks guys!





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