So we’re facing another 6 weeks indoors, with no access to the gym or the equipment we are spoilt with every day. It would be pretty easy to just say ‘well that’s that then’, give up and immediately turn your back on training.

And that’s fine, online training and training from home isn’t for everyone! But don’t be surprised or shocked when you start going backwards!

Unlike your brain, your body doesn’t know there’s a lockdown. It doesn’t care. It needs taking care of for your physical and mental wellbeing, and if you apply enough effort and discipline you may actually make progress towards your fitness goals in the meantime!

If you need to, think of your body as a pet! It doesn’t know what’s going on, it’s still desperate to go out for a walk and when it doesn’t it’s going to act up! If you don’t look after your body it can lead to a number of factors that will negatively effect you, leading to that depressed state everyone was trying to avoid during the first lockdown!

Progress has always been a combination of commitment, consistency and effort. THIS HAS NOT CHANGED! If anything it has become even MORE important!

Be disciplined with your routine! Whether that’s turning up for your scheduled online class, going out for a daily walk, blocking out your day an hour at a time for work tasks or even something as simple as a food plan to make sure you’re eating properly!

All of theses things create routine, and in times like this your body needs it and your mind craves it. So treat yourself! Create a checklist and make sure you accomplish a list of ‘must-do’s’ every day, and use your routine to ensure it gets done

So in summary, turn up to those online sessions every day, give maximum effort every session, keep achieving goals regardless of what they are and trust your coaches to lead you down a path that will develop you in ways you just haven’t focused on yet!

‘The only bad training session is the one you don’t turn up for’

Be accountable, be disciplined, be positive!

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